Aggressive & Conservative Approach,
Which One Is Better For You?

Aggressive: Geared towards investors who want a higher income for investments under $100K. This strategy is suited for younger adults, because a longer investment horizon allows them to ride out market fluctuations.
Conservative: Geared towards any kind of investors who want a stable, more reliable income. Investments of $100K and higher are eligible to this approach. This income strategy can be appropriate for any investors with a lower risk tolerance, looking to earn a steady flow of money and without their usual salary.

Increase Your Wealth / Diversify Your Wealth

Terms start as minimal as 6 months, with a minimum percentage of return of 15%. An additional incentive is offered of an unlimited upside percentage of return which can surpass the minimum, dependent on the performance of the investment for the entire duration of that term. For those high net worth clients looking to increase or diversify their wealth, we offer alternative investments that are less aggressive and more conservative, all dependent on which alternative investment fits and is best for you and your financial goals.

Supplement Your Income / Provide Residual Income

Multiple streams of income can have a major impact on your finances and go a long way to paying down debt or increasing your investments. Generating income is the foundation of smarter money management. We make your money work for, so in turn, you do not need to work as hard for it.
Supplementing income or providing residual income are two alternative investments AA & K Worldwide offers its clients. Earn a minimum of a 5% return off of your investment each month, with an unlimited upside percentage dependent on the investment performance. Minimum term of 3 months applies.

Investment Range (Aggressive)

From $5000 to $100,000

Investment Range (Conservative / Moderate)

From $101,000 to 1 million

Returns (Aggressive)

  • % Return
Greater than 12 Months: Intervals of 6 months minimum. Add percentage concurrently for time added (6-month rate or 12-month rate)

Investment Returns (Conservative / Moderate)

  • % Return
Greater than 12 Months: Intervals of 6 months minimum. Add percentage concurrently for time added (6-month rate or 12-month rate)

Planning Your Investment Can’t Be Any Easier

AA & K Worldwide strives to revolutionize the process of becoming a client as well as the investment experience. With the exception of going to your bank for the initial funding of your new investment account, dependent on the relationship you have with them, we work to make the process as simple as possible. We utilize the latest in technology, ensuring that the entire process can be completed remotely from the privacy of your own home and at a time that works best for you.

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