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AA & K Worldwide, LLC. is an Investment Services Manager located in Rochester, New York.

We offer a unique way to invest, based on specific client time horizons. We offer alternative investments with compelling choices, beneficial for either beginner, modest and/or high net worth individuals and families.

AA & K Worldwide specializes in and always has one goal in mind – obtaining the highest percentage of return, in the shortest amount of time.

Make your money work for you.

What We Do

Investment Services:

Increase Your Wealth

Diversify Your Wealth

Supplement Your Income

Provide Residual Income

AA & K Worldwide specializes in obtaining the highest percentage of return, in the shortest amount of time.

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About Our Founder

Adam M. Andula, our founder/CEO, has spent more than 10 years in personal finance, working his way up, with no experience or college degree, from the mailroom. “The mailroom was my foot in the door”. Through hard work and motivation to learn, Mr. Andula moved up and learned the basics of finance and money management. His work experience prepared him and taught him how to manage high net worth, but what about meager or modest net worth? How do you obtain high net worth? How do you get to that point? Is it possible? Through self-teaching himself to invest through trial and error, with his own money, he discovered his passion and specialty for investing, which makes all this possible.

Using his own money, he built our business and has watched it start to grow. Pleased with his progress that is a result of his hard work, Mr. Andula has watched his vision come to fruition. While there is no substitute for the highest level of education, Mr. Andula prides himself on his principles that cannot be taught in a classroom; motivation, passion, drive, and most importantly, hard work.

It is truly a blessing and an honor to be able to give back; provide a service and opportunity to those looking to build some wealth, or to those that already have existing wealth that may be looking to diversify. In the end, we all strive to reach financial, fundamental goals. I formed AA & K Worldwide to help achieve those financial goals in the shortest amount of time”.

– Adam M. Andula

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