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AA & K Worldwide, LLC ®, in Rochester, New York, is comprised of three divisions. Loan Wolf Returns is our investment division, Upstate Mountain High is our wholesale product distribution division, and LA Properties is our planned real estate and storage division.

 If you are looking to build your wealth or simply supplement your income, we offer investment opportunities. Projected investment returns range between 30 percent and 65 percent, depending on the option you choose. As a distributor of hemp-infused products, we offer items, such as energy drinks, that are made from the protein-rich hemp seed. We serve customers worldwide.

What We Do

Current Divisions:

Investment Services

Loan Wolf Returns

Hemp Goods & High Alkalinity Water

Upstate Mountain High

Future Divisions:


Residential Real Estate

Storage Spaces

Phone-managed Storage Service

Grow or supplement your income with one of our investment opportunities.

Our hemp infused products blended with ginseng, guarana, and other natural ingredients along with our high alkalinity spring water will help you perform at your best!

Realty and Storage Units

We will be launching our real estate division, including the leasing of smartphone-managed storage spaces.

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About Our Founder

Adam M. Andula, our founder/CEO, has spent more than 10 years in personal finance, working his way up from the mailroom. Mr. Andula learned how to invest in the global markets, however specializes in investing in small cap equity stocks. Using his own money, he built our business and has watched it start to grow.

Pleased with his progress that is a result of his hard work, Mr. Andula has watched his vision come to fruition. While there is no substitute for the highest level of education, Mr. Andula prides himself on his principles that cannot be taught in a classroom; motivation, drive, passion, and most importantly, hard work.

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